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Dr. Schultz 2019

Summer Schultz

Dr. Summer Schultz, Dell Rapids Superintendent

We are still in the tunnel, but we see the light!

This school year's top priority has been the health and safety of our students and teachers. With that in mind, we have a semester's worth of information to consider as we evaluate our mitigation protocols.  Infection numbers have remained consistently low, and we've managed to keep students on campus. I'm thankful we have come this far but understand we can not let our guard down too soon.  

Parallel learning has provided us the ability to instruct students both virtually and on campus.  Fortunately, we feel confident that it is time to begin our anticipated move back to full on-site delivery.  All three buildings will begin transitioning long-term parallel learners back into the classroom for full implementation by the 4th Quarter.  We will continue to instruct students virtually should they have short-term medical absences for Covid isolation or quarantine. 

The Return to Learn plan attempted to minimize health risks for students and staff while still keeping the activities our students enjoy.  Last spring was difficult for many students, and we hoped to create a plan that allowed school-sponsored activities to happen safely.   Our local media outlets have done a tremendous job ensuring student events and highlights aren't missed.  I know many of you would like to be in our facilities or attending more events, and I thank you for your continued patience.  As I've said from the beginning, this is just a chapter in our story.  We will have fans and youth activities again, and like many of you, I can't wait for this day!

Thank you for staying the course with us and supporting our efforts to make this school year successful.

Dr. Summer Schultz



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