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Assessment of Implementation of Wellness Policy

Dell Rapids Public School District 49-3

September 27, 2022

The assessment is based on a rating of 1 through 4, with 1 indicating minimal compliance and implementation and 4 indicating maximum compliance and implementation. Each member of the wellness committee provided input into the overall score.  The Dell Rapids Public School met at least minimum compliance with this policy's elements with a high degree of compliance observed with many, if not most, of the compliance standards.  


School Meal Program 4
A La Carte Offerings in the Food Service Program 4  
Snacks 3
Parties and Celebrations   3
School Sponsored Events 4
Vending Machines       4


Nutrition Education Component

Nutrition Education   4


Physical Activity Component

Physical Education Classes K-12 4
Physical Activity Opportunities Before/After School 4
Daily Recess 4
Physical Activity Consequences   3
Safe Routes to School  3
Use of School Facilities Outside of School Hours 4


Other School-Based Activities Component                       

Professional Development 3
Eating Environment  4
Recess Before Lunch 1
Rewards, Incentives, and Consequences 3
Before and After School Program 4
Fundraising 3
Wellness Council  4