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Mobile Device Registration Form

Mobile Device Registration Form

Dell Rapids Public School District # 49-3 

The Acceptable Use Policy applies to both school-owned technology and also privately owned devices accessing the Dell Rapids Public School network, DRPSD internet connection, and or private networks/internet connections while on school property.  As new technologies emerge, DRPSD will strive to provide access to mobile devices.  Additionally the South Dakota Bureau of Information & Technology (BIT) and the Department of Education (DOE) require the local district to monitor the proper and secure use of the state Digital Dakota Network (DDN) for its intended purposes at the local district level. To meet this obligation the district may require written or verbal information at the offices in each building recording the mobile user’s name, affiliation, purpose/reason for use, length of use, and information about any devices to be used. Device information may include but not be limited to a description of device including type of device and MAC address.