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The Dell Rapids School District has it’s own mobile app through SchoolPointe. The app will keep you in the know and up to date on what is happening around the district. The stay connected app will allow you to receive notifications from the district offices and provide information,  announcements, and upcoming events. The app also has a link to the district breakfast & lunch menus, event calendars, staff listings, news and more. To download the stay connected app follow these instructions.


  1. Navigate to the Google Play or apple app store.
  2. Search for either the Stay Connected or SchoolPointe Stay connected app, and look for the Stay Connected icon.
  3. Click on the app and choose install or get.
  4. Open the Stay Connected app.
  5. Choose Dell Rapids School District. (You will only need to choose your school once)

A few things about the Stay Connected app.
In the upper left corner of the app you will see three bars. This button is the menu button and will provide a list of options that help you navigate around the app. If you click on this button you will notice that it has listed some of the more common tasks users can navigate. These include news, menus, staff listings, and the events calendar.
The app also has the ability to receive notifications sent out by the district. If you wish to modify these settings you can do so by modifying your notification settings on your device.


  1. Settings
  2. Notifications
  3. Choose Stay Connected
  4. Choose your allow notification preferences.


iOs (apple)

  1. Settings
  2. Choose Stay Connected
  3. Select Notifications
  4. Choose your allow notification preferences.

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