“Emergency Haven” for Critical Infrastructure Employees

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The Dell Rapids School District is collaborating with our regional partners to identify if our community has a need for childcare (school-aged 5 - 12 years old) for essential healthcare workers and emergency personnel.

While we recognize many families are at a hardship and every person is vital to keeping our community and country running, this survey is for the following defined individuals with children in our District:

-Patient-Facing Healthcare Workers
-Custodial and Long-term Care Facility Workers
-Emergency First Responders

-24/7 facility staff (jails/prison, developmental centers)

-Home care workers

-State and local public health and agency employees
*Identification of responsibility either in the form of a letter from the employer or work-issued identification badge may be required.


If a need exists, we hope to open on Tuesday, March 23.  Please submit interest by emailing me directly and answering a few brief questions on the attached survey.  I ask that the survey is completed by Sunday, March 29. 





Thank you,


Summer Schultz


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